We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon;

    How restlessly they speed and gleam and quiver,

Streaking the darkness radiantly! yet soon

Night closes round, and they are lost for ever:—




Or like forgotten lyres whose dissonant strings

    Give various response to each varying blast,

To whose frail frame no second motion brings

    One mood or modulation like the last.




We rest—a dreamhas power to poison sleep;

    We rise—one wandering thought pollutes the day;

We feel, conceive or reason, laugh or weep,

Embrace fond woe, or cast our cares away:—




It is the same!—For, be it joy or sorrow,

    The path of its departure still is free;

Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow;

    Nought may endure but Mutability.

Percy Shelley




Are you the type of person who follows your gut?


The type of person who doesn’t let life pass you by, who engages with every sensation as though it will be his last?

Do you listen to that whisper in your ear telling you to turn down that side street you have never been down, to follow that stranger who beckons you with a come hither finger and bedroom eyes…?

I do hope so, because you and I will have an undeniable, incomparable chemistry.
I can already feel my heart begin to beat just a little bit faster in anticipation and arousal.

Eroticism is like a second language that comes naturally, passion is embedded in my genetic makeup. Together, our chemistry forms a parallel realm that only we exist on.

Educated formally and well… informally, I find mind sex as erotic as the act. The foreplay begins when you open your mouth, what happens next is up to us.

Follow your gut, listen to that whisper, and live life to the fullest with me. No regrets…



The best way to approach our first interaction is by e-mailing me at


While introducing yourself, don't forget to either include the e-mail addresses of two providers you have seen in the past year, or your P411 account information. Employment information may be accepted in some cases. Verification is a must, so thank you in advance.

You may also fill out this date request form

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An Hour of Intimacy

 Incall             Outcall

 $500              $400    

A little bit more (1.5 hrs)

Incall             Outcall 

$700               $600

The Two of us, For Two Whole Hours


Expand your Horizons (3 hours)


Dinner, Drinks, Adventure (4 hours) 


Contact me for my overnight and extended getaway considerations.  

Magical Consultations

Life is but a dream...in which you are the dreamer. Catchy isn't it? Sit with that notion for a moment. Take three deep breaths into the pit of your stomach, say aloud, "Life is but a dream and I am the dreamer of this dream." Feel the immense power of this sentiment surge up your spine to the crown of your head like a bolt of lightning. You hold within you the power to manifest the unimaginable. As a magical practitioner, I have seen these results unfold before my eyes, held them in the palm of my hand. I'm now offering the opportunity to add a magical twist to our time together, to start a journey into the crossroads of the universe. Our time will include a personalized ritual, herbs corresponding to your specific intention, and meditation spells. Not to worry if we don't live in the same state, I'm happy to correspond with you to join you in your magical endeavors. 

For a little peak as to what to expect, take a look at my interview with SimplySxy on Erotic Magic.

Add $100 to our time together 


Cancellation Policy:

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you intend to cancel.  Things come up, I get it ;)

However, If the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours prior, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied. 

If you cancel within 4 hours, 100% of the donation is required.  

Thank you for understanding.



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I'm a restless, traveler. Exploring new cities and meeting new people are two things that get my blood pumping. 


I have no travel plans at this time however,

I do travel nationwide to enjoy the company

of those of you whom I have the pleasure

of having a relationship with already. Don't be a stranger!


Make sure to get in touch in advance to ensure we get the chance to spend some time together...



Although our time together is a gift unto itself, if you are the type that really loves to go the extra mile, please check out this amazing organizations that can always use your support.

St. James Infirmary

I occasionally work with an organization who provides street outreach services. Donations of toiletries, socks, gloves, hats, bulk snacks etc. are extremely helpful and extremely appreciated.

Now, if you truly insist, my interests include sex magic, photography, provocative lingerie, and socket wrenches. Here are a few of my earthly desires...

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